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Finding stylish yet comfortable maternity dresses online in Australia that can accommodate your ever-changing body can often seem like a struggle. Then once your baby has arrived, the process begins again to find nursing friendly dresses. But what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? That a single dress could see you through all stages of motherhood from pregnancy, through your breastfeeding period and beyond. Read More

Your Favourite Supplier of Stylish Breastfeeding Dresses in Australia!

That’s right! Here at LEGOE. HERITAGE, we provide a diverse selection of pregnancy friendly dresses and clothing that can also be used as breastfeeding friendly fashion choices once your little darling has arrived. Our breastfeeding friendly dresses are a reliable part of any wardrobe. Providing you with the ability to mix and match items from our collections, you can dress up or dress down your outfit to suit any and all occasions.

In the past women were not so fortunate in the selection of breastfeeding friendly dresses. Australia has become a mecca for style, and women at all stages of their pregnancy journey and beyond are demanding beautiful, well-made clothes which reflect the stylish women they are.

With the birth of a baby or family demands, women quite often prioritize the needs of others above their own, but in terms of clothing, this does not have to be the case. Just because there&'s a new life on the way, your baby has already arrived or arrived a while ago, it doesn&'t mean women should be forced to wear shapeless, unflattering clothes. Women can be beautiful at every stage in their life, and we want to celebrate that.

Designer maternity dresses are quite the thing these days, where seamless cuts and clever use of design can craft garments which are not just beautiful as breastfeeding friendly dresses Australia-wide, but as truly beautiful garments in their own right.

Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses in Australia that Provide the Perfect Balance Between Style and Practicality

Of all maternity dresses online in Australia, few stores compare to us here at LEGOE. HERITAGE. Our unique designs incorporate style, comfort and practicality, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether your bump is growing, you are breastfeeding your baby or are enjoying motherhood, we have you covered. Find dresses suitable for work, leisure and events in our range.

Many pregnant women have at some point in their pregnancy been invited to some smart event. Some may have felt despondent that the only designs which seem available are shapeless kaftans which do nothing to show off the growing body with all its curves. Pregnancy can be a time when a woman&'s self-confidence is knocked, and she is disappearing into obscurity behind her bump. We say, celebrate the bump with gorgeous breastfeeding dress in Australia, which show the figure in a flattering way while leaving you comfortable.

You need Pregnancy Friendly Dresses

With hidden nursing features, feeding your baby is easy and discreet when you wear clothes from our collection. Designed with new and expectant mothers just like you in mind, they enable you to look great and feel confident throughout the entire day. When breastfeeding, it is essential to wear clothing that will feel comfortable at all times of the day as your body adapts to your baby’s needs. Soft and stretchy materials are a must, and these are guaranteed when you shop with LEGOE. HERITAGE.

Draping beautifully over your body, our nursing-friendly dresses are a reliable choice for all occasions. Long lasting and versatile, our breastfeeding friendly features ensure that you can continue to enjoy your maternity wear long after your baby is born. Gone are the days of packing away your favourite stylish maternity clothing once your baby has arrived. With our collections, you can enjoy stylish clothing with or without a bump.

Whatever the weather, you are sure to find a LEGOE. HERITAGE dress in your wardrobe to suit. Choose a maternity knitted dress for days with a little chill and a sleeveless flow dress for the warm summer days. Everything you need to feel comfortable and confident as a breastfeeding mother, you’ll find in our collections.

Discover Our Comprehensive Nursing Friendly Dresses Today

Who said that you can’t feel fashionable whilst breastfeeding? With a diverse variety of styles and designs such as our maternity knitwear dress collection, shirt dresses, flowing maxi maternity dresses and more, you can find your maternity style in our range without worrying about the practicality of breastfeeding your baby. We also provide other products such as nursing tops that suit your daily needs. Shop confidently, and safe in the knowledge that whatever dress you choose will provide easy access for your baby.

You will love our range of designer maternity dresses and other breastfeeding friendly dresses in Australia so much, that you will want to wear them long after your baby is born. Never fear, we have carefully selected our styles to be timeless, so you can still love them and wear them for years to come.Shop today to get your perfect pregnancy look. Read Less

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