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Breastfeeding Knitwear

When breastfeeding your baby, it goes without saying that you want to feel as comfortable and supported as possible, and what better way to achieve this than with the cosiness of nursing knitwear. The soft, warm material hugging your skin and the hidden breastfeeding features ensuring discreetness while you feed your baby. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Read More

Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Breastfeeding Knitwear!

The best place to find breastfeeding knitwear in Australia is right here at LEGOE. HERITAGE. With a comprehensive range of maternity clothing, you are sure to find items you love in our collections.

Perfect for All Seasons

When breastfeeding it is beneficial to have some staple pieces that you can rely on whatever the weather. That is what makes our knitwear range a perfect choice. With knit sweaters, jumper dresses, sleeveless dresses and more, we have items suitable for both warm days and cool evenings in our collection. Customers love several items in our range and for good reason. Here are some items that you shouldn’t ignore.

Knit sweaters

If you ask us, you cannot go wrong with a reliable knit jumper. Soft and stretchy, you will feel flattered and stylish whilst remaining comfortable, and the hidden side zip enables easy access to feed. Why not partner with a knit pant or skirt to maximise your comfort levels? 

Knit skirts

Designed to softly hug your body, our knit skirts provide the utmost comfort. Whether you are pregnant or in the early stages of motherhood, you need clothing that works for your ever-changing body. Our skirts provide you with just that and can be accompanied with a sleeveless nursing top or breastfeeding jumper depending on the season.

Knit dresses

A fantastic choice for all occasions, you cannot go wrong with a knit dress. Soft material, stylish designs and flattering shapes are guaranteed here at LEGOE. HERITAGE. With button or wrap options, you have easy access to feed your baby whenever you need to nurse.

Clothing That is Guaranteed to Last

Here at LEGOE. HERITAGE, we are passionate about bringing versatile knitwear that is long lasting. Using innovative designs, our range adapts to suit your needs as you journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. Our soft, stretchy material provides comfort and support to your ever-growing bump whilst pregnant and our hidden breastfeeding features enable you to nurse easily and discretely after your baby has arrived.

The best part about our collections? You can continue to enjoy your favourite items for years to come. That’s right, our stylish designs will continue to compliment your body long after your baby has arrived. Gone are the days of needing to purchase new clothing at every stage of motherhood. With LEGOE. HERITAGE, a single garment will see you the whole way through.

Browse Our Nursing Knitwear Collection Today!

When it comes to nursing knitwear in Australia, few stores compare to us here at LEGOE. HERITAGE. Find your style today by browsing our collections. We look forward to joining you on your journey to motherhood. Read Less

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