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Breastfeeding & Nursing Tops Australia

If you are expecting a baby, you are sure to be wondering what staple items you will need once your baby arrives. On your breastfeeding journey, it is very beneficial to have reliable nursing tops that will make feeding your bundle of joy simple and discreet. For fashionable breastfeeding tops, Australian women choose LEGOE. HERITAGE. Read More

Supplying Stylish and Comfortable Nursing Tops Australia Wide!

As your body is adapting to life as a mother, the last thing you need to be stressing over is feeling comfortable and supported in your maternity clothing. With our range, you will always feel your best. With our wide range of breastfeeding tops, you will feel flattered, confident and supported the whole day through.

Mix and Match Tops to Suit Every Occasion

Every mum has their own unique style, and this is something you shouldn’t sacrifice when pregnant or breastfeeding. When you shop with LEGOE. HERITAGE, this will never be the case. Our tops have been specifically designed to provide relief without you needing to step away from your personal style.

With a diverse range of breastfeeding tops in Australia, you can find the perfect outfit for any and all occasions. Whether you are heading for a stroll with your baby, to a picnic with friends or a family event, we have you covered. Our range of nursing topscan be partnered with a variety of other pieces in our collections so you can mix and match as you like.

Hidden Nursing Features and Versatile Designs

Of all stores to buy breastfeeding tops, we are amongst the favourite in Australia and for good reason. More than a clothing brand, we design our clothes with passion and care, keeping you in mind at all times. You can always choose your perfect pairing maternity shorts, pants or joggers from us as well. When you shop our range, you benefit from:

Hidden nursing features

It goes without saying that breastfeeding tops need to be practical and allow you easy access to feed your baby. But these access points don’t need to be staring you in the face. Using innovative designs, our nursing tops have hidden access features, making them stylish as well as practical. Invisible side zips, layered tops and loose styles can all be found in our range.

Versatile designs

It can be hard to justify purchasing a new wardrobe for the short period that you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We have designed our breastfeeding tops with this in mind. Rest assured that when you shop our range, you can purchase stylish maternity tops that you can wear during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding and beyond. Gone are the days of needing to buy new clothing at every stage of your journey to motherhood. With LEGOE. HERITAGE by your side, a single top will see you the whole way through.

Breastfeeding Tops make it easier

Feeding your baby has never been easier. Plan your days with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will feel supported yet stylish the whole day through. Choose the best in style, comfort and support by shopping our range of nursing tops today! Read Less