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Maternity Dresses Sydney

Are you struggling to find maternity dresses that suit your style and feel like you? Do you want to avoid starting to dress completely differently because of pregnancy? We know there isn’t much variety or uniqueness among the maternity clothing selection on today’s market. They all have a particular feel and look that might suit some mothers, but not all of us. At LEGOE. HERITAGE, we’re trying to fix that. Read More

Looking for Stylish Maternity Dresses in Sydney?

We offer stylish pregnancy and maternity clothing selling to Sydney that stands out and will help you stay as fashionable as ever even when your bump is growing. Our clothing is stylish, unique and functional, and our range includes everything you could need, from dresses and skirts to tops and jeans. 

So, if you’re looking for stylish maternity clothes in Sydney, you’ve found the right place. We have dresses for every style and situation, from summer dresses for hot days on the beach to timeless formal pieces for events and parties and casual, cosy dresses to wear around the home. 

What to Look for in Pregnancy Clothes

In a lot of ways, buying pregnancy clothing onlineis similar to buying regular clothes. But there are also several ways where the two differ and finding the right maternity clothes can prove trickier. When you’re building up your pregnancy wardrobe, here are the things you should have in mind when looking at clothing.

  • Think about comfort! While you might usually be fine with bra straps that dig in and jeans that are a bit too tight, pregnancy can be uncomfortable and hard enough as it is. Prioritise your own comfort and buy clothing that fits right and is made from material that feels good on your skin.
  • Check for stretch. Your body is going to change a lot throughout these nine months, so if you want to avoid buying new clothes every week, then you’ll want to look for clothes that are stretchy and will fit you even as you continue to grow. This doesn’t just go for your tops, because you never know exactly where the weight will distribute on your body, and it’s better to be safe than wasteful.
  • Think beyond pregnancy. Look for clothing that would still look good on you post-pregnancy, to save money and shop more sustainably.
  • Look for nursing features. It’s great when pregnancy clothes also double as nursing clothes that make it easier for you to breastfeed. They’ll make your life with a newborn much easier, and you won’t have to get two new wardrobes. 

You can find all these things in pregnancy clothes from LEGOE. HERITAGE.

Our Maternity Clothing

Clothes from LEGOE. HERITAGE are handmade using carefully picked high-quality fabrics, chosen for their comfort and durability. This makes our clothing both highly wearable and durable. Their quality ensures they’ll stay in your closet for many years, and they’re all designed to be worn both during pregnancy and afterwards. Our range also includes many options for feedwear and clothing that allows for easy breastfeeding. Legoe. is the perfect brand for the stylish modern woman, and we’ll take you through pregnancy and post-partum feeling as gorgeous as you always should. If you need pregnancy clothes in Sydney, check out our range and place an order through our website. Or, if you want to buy maternity dresses in Perth, maternity dresses in Melbourne, maternity dresses in Brisbane, or maternity dresses in Adelaide, you can simply order from us as well. We do free Australia shipping for any order over $150. Read Less