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Winter Collection

Everyone loves wearing a nice dress, especially during pregnancy. It might be one of the few items you feel comfortable and gorgeous in. So what do you do about the colder months? Well, LEGOE. HERITAGE has a solution for you. Our range of winter maternity dresses will keep you and baby warm no matter how cold it gets. We’re an Australian company offering designer maternity wear for modern women, specifically focused on creating pieces that stand out from the crowd of typical maternity clothing. Our clothing can be worn during pregnancy or the breastfeeding period, but they also look good and fit well on those who aren’t pregnant. With a dedication to high-quality work and the most durable, comfortable fabrics, we’re about to become a new staple in your maternity wardrobe. Summer or winter, we’ve got you covered. Read More

Winter Maternity Clothes from Australia

When our founder was pregnant with her first child, she realised that none of the maternity clothing on the market was her style. You might have noticed the same thing. No matter how far you look, the options always seem to be very similar. That’s why LEGOE. HERITAGE exists. We create unique yet elegant clothing that keep you feeling gorgeous and true to yourself as an expectant mother. We fill a gap in the market, which is why we’ve become a favourite with women worldwide and been worn by celebrities and influencers.

Unique Maternity Winter Wear

Feeling cold doesn’t mean you need to give up on style and creating cute outfits. When the colder months come rolling in, take comfort in our selection of toasty knitwear and comforting denim. Trousers, thick dresses, breastfeeding jumpers and cosy cardigans; they all make for the perfect stylish winter. But pregnancy is a long affair, and you might find yourself in need of pregnancy clothes during the summer too. Never fear! We have casual maternity dresses and tees, shorts and skirts, and even swim and beachwear. Whether it’s just a hot summer or your last holiday before the baby is born, we’ll keep you supplied.

Here for Every Season

We’re not the type of company that churns out items we expect everyone to replace after a few months. Using quality craftsmanship and durable fabrics, we aim to create pieces that will last for years. That’s also why we go for a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle or stop wasting time and money shopping, get maternity winter dresses that will last more than one winter. Our clothing isn’t meant to be worn only for nine months but is perfectly designed to make breastfeeding easier post-partum. It can also continue to be worn when you’re done being pregnant and breastfeeding and won’t fit awkwardly or be detectable as reused maternity wear. Get clothes you can rely on by choosing LEGOE. HERITAGE.

Maternity Winter Clothing that Lasts

We’re based in Australia, but there’s no need to despair if that’s not where you live. We ship internationally, with standard global shipping being free for all orders over $300. In Australia, standard shipping is free if you spend over $150 and express shipping is free if you spend over $500. Check out our maternity dresses for winter and order your favourites today. Read Less