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If you’re building up your pregnancy wardrobe, you’re right to be looking for fashionable and stylish maternity tops. If you want to keep the amount of new clothing you buy to a minimum, then you only need a pair or two of maternity jeans and a bunch of nice tops in order to create a variety of cute outfits. Maternity wear isn’t very versatile these days, but that’s why LEGOE. HERITAGE exists. We’re an Australian lifestyle brand designing durable, fashionable and unique maternity clothing for modern women who don’t see their style represented in the usual range of pregnancy clothing. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you need to give up on style and fashion. Read More

Designer Maternity and Pregnancy Tops

Our clothing is designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. While a lot of maternity clothing on today’s market is divided into maternity and pregnancy categories, with us you can get the best of both worlds. If you’re budget-conscious or want to purchase your fashion more sustainably, you should always aim for clothes that you can wear for as long as possible. LEGOE. HERITAGE clothing can be worn for much longer than nine months, being comfortable, fitting and stylish even when you’re not pregnant. Many of our items are also feedwear that make it easy to breastfeed once the baby’s been born. Whether you’re pregnant or have a new baby, or you just like our style, we have clothes for you.

Fashionable Maternity Tops Online

Here at LEGOE. HERITAGE, we are proud to offer all mums to be a comprehensive range of maternity clothings designed with their baby bump in mind. With beautiful materials, exceptional attention to detail, semi–relaxed and fitted styles, contemporary colours and affordable prices, our maternity tops are simply the best of what the industry has to offer – and most are also nursing friendly! Style one of our striped maternity tops with a pair of dark denim maternity jeans and a casual shoes for the perfect day outfit. Alternatively, try pairing a maternity crop top in a neutral colour with your favourite fitted skirt for an outfit that can take you from day to night. Our breastfeeding and nursing tops are not only great to wear during your pregnancy but in the months that follow with easy and quick nursing access, making them the perfect addition to your post pregnancy wardrobe.

Maternity Clothing Checklist

When you’re purchasing a whole new wardrobe, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out exactly what items you need. Here are some of our top items that every expecting mother may want to consider.

  • A pair of pregnancy jeans
  • A few pairs of pregnancy leggings
  • Some simple t-shirts
  • A few breastfeeding jumpers for the colder months
  • Some nice blouses or shirts
  • A maternity coat
  • A skirt or two
  • Some casual dresses
  • Maternity Loungewear
  • Formal, nicer dresses
  • Maternity underwear, of course
  • Maternity swimwear

If you get each of these items, you’ll be sure to have something to wear for every situation, mood and weather, and a wide range of outfits at your disposal. We have all of this available at LEGOE. HERITAGE, which means you won’t need to look around for several different shops.


Most women choose LEGOE. HERITAGE. because of our unique style and the lack of “maternity” feel to our clothing, ensuring everyone can stay true to their own sense of fashion with our clothes. But there are plenty of other reasons why we’re one of the top retailers of maternity clothing in Australia, and here are some of them.

  • Our clothing is handmade, ensuring high quality and durability
  • We use only the best and most comfortable materials to make sure all our clothing is both comfortable and durable
  • With a wide range available, we have clothes for all styles, occasions and weathers
  • Clothing designed to be flattering and stylish on pregnant bodies, and flexible enough to stretch with your bump
  • Our items can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond so that you won’t have to get rid of anything after you’ve given birth
  • Combine pregnancy wear with feedwear to save money and closet space

If you want to see the best in maternity tops in Australia, check out our selection and place an order for your favourites. Read Less

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