Wellness during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting journey of getting to know not only your baby but yourself too. As any new mother will tell you, the experience will give you a whole new perspective on your body and what it is capable of, giving you a renewed inspiration to honour it and prioritise your well-being.

Today on the Legoe Heritage Journal, we’re sharing our favourite self-care and wellness practises to incorporate throughout your pregnancy and beyond to care for your body and mind and in turn, show up as the best mother (or mother-to-be!) you can be.


Pregnancy Safe Movement

We often consider movement during pregnancy for the physical benefits however finding a style of exercise that you enjoy offers immense benefits to your mental wellbeing too. Mindful movement enriches your pregnancy journey by increasing your energy and mobility, whilst decreasing stress and strengthening your mind-body connection.

Finding (or continuing) a form of exercise that you love and is tailored to your body’s capabilities during pregnancy can be a game-changer. Whether you keep up your time at the gym or Pilates studio or go for a walk or swim, follow the cues of your body and consult with experts like your GP or physio.

Some prenatal programs we love can be found at Fluidform and Our Pilates, both of which offer prenatal exercise programs designed with the guidance of experts who understand the specific needs of pregnant women.


Honour Your Style

Pregnancy can sometimes make you feel like you’re dressing an entirely new body. If you’re someone who loves fashion as a form of self-expression, dedicate some time towards creating a pregnancy-friendly capsule wardrobe that celebrates your style. Explore what works for your changing body and get creative with styling your bump.

For tips on creating a timeless and flexible capsule to shop cleverly and get the most out of your pieces, revisit our previous journal post here. We also love looking to Instagram and resources like The Inarra and Rattle Style for pregnancy and postpartum style inspiration.

Not only will spending a little bit of time on crafting a capsule of a few go-to options for daywear and events give you an extra boost of confidence, but will also bring ease to dressing and remove the stress of finding something to wear last-minute.


Seeking Connections

During pregnancy, there's immense value in seeking connections with other women who are walking a similar path. Joining Prenatal classes, connecting with other women online or reaching out to people in your extended network can provide a sense of support and connection throughout this season of unknown - especially if you’re a first-time mum.

By creating a network for yourself you will create opportunities to celebrate shared experiences, exchange advice, and find comfort in the knowledge that you're not alone in this transformative journey.


Create Pregnancy Rituals

In the midst of the physical changes and the anticipation of motherhood, take time to celebrate and create meaningful rituals that honour this season of your life. Consider starting a pregnancy journal, a place where you can document your thoughts and experiences to preserve your memories of this chapter. A beautiful addition is to capture the beauty of your growing bump with Polaroid pictures, or a mini photoshoot to create a visual timeline to keep forever.

You might even like to create little self-care dates with yourself, like a bubble bath with candles and lovely body products at home, or a regular massage or facial appointment. Not only will these feel nice to indulge in when you may be feeling a little more tired than your usual self, they will also be beautiful memories to look back on honouring your changing body and showing your appreciation for all of its hard work growing your beautiful babe.


Image by Jess Metni

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