10 Outfits, 8 Pieces

Building a pregnancy capsule wardrobe around timeless + elevated pieces that will last into early motherhood and beyond.

In the journey of pregnancy and early motherhood, a thoughtfully curated capsule wardrobe can be a game-changer. Building a collection of timeless, elevated pieces not only ensures you look and feel your best but also offers the versatility to adapt seamlessly as you embrace your evolving body and lifestyle. 

Today we have put together 8 classic Legoe Heritage pieces designed to mix and match to dress for any occasion.

This capsule is designed not just to see you through the trimesters but to extend your life as a new mum. The magic lies in the careful selection of pieces that effortlessly complement one another, enabling multiple outfit options and, in turn, relieving the mental load that comes with getting dressed (because we all know there’s enough to think about during this stage!). 

It's about curating a formula for dressing to look elevated with minimal effort, saving precious time and energy for the moments that truly matter.


1. Choose your colours

For our first capsule, we went for a palette of versatile neutrals so that the looks transcend seasons. A base of black, white and tan complement each other seamlessly to create flattering monochrome and dual-tone looks. The second capsule is based in white, sand and ice blue with hints of navy.

Note how the two capsules have 2-3 base colours and an accent to create a point of difference and break the repetition of colour. To make outfit pairing seamless, this ratio is a winner.


2. Shop your Separates

With your palette in mind, it’s time to shop your separates.

Capsule 1

This capsule is based entirely on separates for easy-wearing yet chic looks. The base of these pairings are two coord sets - the Tan Knit Pant and Knit Top, and the Black Crop Tank and Skirt. We then added our popular Izy Leggings for a day-to-night pant option, a core staple T-shirt and added two layering outerwear pieces in the Stripe Jumper and Cardigan to elevate the styling.


Capsule 2

In this capsule we have incorporated a Knit Dress that can also be layered with the Navy Shirt or V Neck Jumper. These upper layers can then be interchanged with the Knit Pants, Maxi Skirt or Shorts, and worn with or without a base tank - either the Ice Blue Knit Tank or White Crop Tank.


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