Self-Care Rituals for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transformative journey and amidst the excitement of awaiting your little one’s arrival it is important to dedicate time to honouring yourself. 

Creating a self-care routine is essential to supporting both your emotional and physical wellbeing during this exciting chapter. So often the emphasis is on preparing for bub, but if you ask us, Mama deserves to be celebrated too!

These are the rituals that we encourage all soon-to-be-mammas dedicate time to throughout their pregnancy to feel confident, nurtured and centered. 

These blend physical and therapeutic benefits to help you feel connected to your changing body and allow time for rest and rejuvenation to counteract the fatigue that comes with pregnancy. Most importantly, we love those that promote self-confidence in a time when your body is changing and may feel unfamiliar.


We are also proud to share that this post has been created in partnership with Pure Mama: Pregnancy Skincare for Real Mamas.

At Legoe, we resonate wholeheartedly with Pure Mama’s philosophy of supporting women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Their vision was to create nourishing skincare to help women connect with and celebrate their bodies.

Their distinctive, naturally powerful blends are crafted to nourish the skin, and are midwife-tested, approved and recommended for a product you can truly trust.


Mindful Moments with Belly Oils

with Pure Mama's Belly Oil

The experience of pregnancy is a wild journey of witnessing what the female body is capable of. A popular self-care ritual is incorporating a body oil, like Pure Mama's Belly Oil, to soothe stretching skin and massage tired limbs but also provide a moment of calm. 

An oil rich in nourishing ingredients is a beautiful invitation to honour your body. We love Pure Mama’s all-natural, antioxidant-rich formula formulated specifically for pregnancy. Take time each day to massage the oil into your belly, fostering a mindful connection with your changing form.



Pampering Pregnancy Baths

with Pure Mama's Bump Scrub & Magnesium Body Rub

Soothe and pamper your body by creating an at-home spa ritual. A warm (not hot) bath can help to ease discomfort like swelling and aches, and encourage circulation. Set the mood for relaxation with dim lights, a nice scented candle and either a playlist, audiobook or guided meditation. 

Elevate the ritual with luxurious and pregnancy-safe products like Pure Mama’s Bump Scrub to gently exfoliate the skin while you soak and enjoy. Follow with a hydrating lotion like their Magnesium Body Rub to not only hydrate but further promote muscle relaxation with Magnesium & SyriCalm™ (a natural skin anti-inflammatory).



Bump-friendly wardrobe

With LEGOE Heritage

Reframe getting dressed each day into an act of self care and embrace your changing curves with a capsule wardrobe that adapts to your blossoming bump. Even though this is a transient phase, give yourself the permission to create a few go-to looks that feel equally comfortable and stylish so that even on the days when you may not feel yourself, you know that you can reach for an outfit that will give you a little boost of self-confidence.

We recommend every soon-to-be-mama starts with a comfortable stretch knit set as the base of her pregancy wardrobe like our signature Knit Tank and Knit Pant, or Piper Crop and Piper Maxi Skirt. A two-piece set will allow you to mix and match with other pieces and pair as a set for a no-brainer option to feel put together.



Pregnancy Playlist

Music is such a beautiful way to ground memories, one idea to forever cherish the excitement of this time is to create a playlist of your all-time favourite songs. Listen to them along your daily walks or alongside your other rituals like enjoying your bath or body oil rub. The feel-good tracks will elevate your mood and one day allow you to reminisce on this chapter before meeting your babe.


Journal the Journey

Documenting your pregnancy journey through journaling can be a therapeutic and memorable experience. Find a nice notebook that you can jot down your thoughts, milestones and experiences each week. Another idea is to add polaroids or printed images of your changing bump along the way. Not only is the process a calming experience it will become a keepsake you'll cherish long after your little one arrives.



Incorporating these self-care rituals into your daily routine not only enhances your well-being but also celebrates the incredible journey of pregnancy. Enjoy the process of self-discovery, finding your style, and making the most of this transformative period.

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