4 things new Mums will tell you you need Postpartum

Throughout pregnancy, there is a lot of emphasis on preparation for birth and your babe, but often not a lot of discussion about Mama’s needs in the early days of postpartum.

We have compiled a shortlist of things we wish we knew as new Mums. This isn’t your typical list of postpartum essentials like breast pumps and nappies … these are things to help you feel just a little bit more comfortable and support your recovery.


We are also proud to share that this post has been created in partnership with Pure Mama.

At Legoe, we resonate wholeheartedly with Pure Mama’s philosophy of supporting women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Their vision was to create nourishing skincare to help women connect with and celebrate their bodies.

Their distinctive, naturally powerful blends are crafted to nourish the skin, and are midwife-tested, approved and recommended for a product you can truly trust.


Postpartum Wardrobe

You’ve no doubt filled drawers with oh-so-cute onesies for bub but have you thought about what you will wear postpartum? Whilst you won’t need your sized-up pregnancy clothing, you might not be ready to fit back into your pre-pregnancy wares in the very early days. It’s important to consider outfits that you will feel comfortable in while you recover that also feel a little more elevated for visitors or going out when you are ready to.

Not to mention if you are breastfeeding, be sure to prepare yourself with plenty of clothing options with button, wrap or zip closures for easy access for nursing.

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Keep using your Belly Oil

You may have adapted a lovely belly oil ritual whilst pregnant, but don’t forget to keep showing your skin some love after birth! Using a nourishing, all natural oil during the postpartum period is not only a beautiful ritual for reconnecting with your body but also assists in boosting skin elasticity, healing and recovery. We adore the Pure Mama Belly Oil for its trusted gentle formula, that is even safe enough to use on your babe.



Honour your Sleep Rituals

In the early years you’ll find yourself talking and thinking about sleep more than ever before! But make sure the focus is not all on bub - prioritising as much rest as possible for you is crucial for your mental and physical wellbeing. Especially when your sleep may be broken overnight, try to maintain a nighttime ritual to prepare yourself for bedtime and prime yourself for the best sleep possible. 

Go back to basics in avoiding screen-time, dimming the lights and having a relaxing shower or bath before bedtime. You may even like to incorporate relaxing body products like Pure Mama’s Magnesium Body Rub with the benefits of Magnesium & SyriCalm™ to promote muscle relaxation, ease tension from holding bub for extended periods, and help support restful sleep.

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No-Fuss Nourishment

In the newborn daze, time can quickly slip away from you and mealtimes for Mum can often fall by the wayside. Maintaining a focus on Mama’s nourishment is key to recovey and especially important if you are breastfeeding. Make sure that your house is stocked with ready to go meals and snacks, whether you create a meal train amongst your network, subscribe to a meal delivery service or arrange online grocery shop.

Keep things simple with minimal preparation, to ease the mental load of meal planning and make it as easy as possible to find a healthy meal or snack at hand.

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