Founded in 2015, Légoe Heritage set out to create a world that honours women in their Motherhood journey with a clear vision of providing a wealth of style & inspiration to help Mums to-be celebrate themselves in this transformative & incredibly special time in their life.

Style is such an important form of self-expression, yet before Légoe we found options limited in the realm of maternity wear that allowed women to dress in a way that felt true to them and their established sense of style, whilst still catering to a bump and later the practical needs of nursing.

Providing more than just maternity wear, we aim to be a source of aspirational style, with access to a large Motherhood community & resources that inspire you to celebrate your changing body, and most importantly feel like yourself amongst the change that it brings. 

We consciously adopt a broader perspective to our brand, seeking to ensure that our offering supports and empowers not only the women wearing our clothes, but also encompassing our makers, the planet and our greater community.