What to pack in your hospital bag

What do I pack in my hospital bag? When should I start packing my hospital bag? These are likely questions found in the search history of an expecting mother. The packing of a hospital bag evokes the very (and we mean very) real arrival of your baby and can bring about a lot of stress.

Discover our carefully curated list of Legoe hospital essentials to decrease the stress of packing your hospital bag and compliment a beautiful birthing experience with pieces that provide comfort and style throughout.


Comfortable, practical, warm and stylish

Hormones can play an unpredictable role in your temperature pre and post labour, making it important to choose items that can be layered. Pieces that are easy to take off and place back on, whilst being comfortable to wear. Where comfort meets style, curate your hospital outfits with this in mind.

Product Recommendation:
Knit Cotton Wrap Dress (Wheat) - a perfect throw-on peice for wearing over your nursing bra and comfy pants so you can nurse in true comfort and style.


From top to bottom

The birthing experience is unique to each individual however, levels of discomfort will present to all and it is important to prepare for this. From breast-feeding, tender bellies, and everything in between, wearing clothes that are soft and offer an element of elevation to help you feel your best will be necessary for your hospital bag.

TIP: Mix and match. Focus on interchangeable pieces from our latest capsule here.

Product Recommendation:
Scoop Neck Rib Tank + Soft Rib Shorts (Black) - a black outfit is essential for your hospital bag whilst you're still recovering from birth. The high waisted Soft Rib Shorts are also perfect if you've had a (planned or emergency) c-section as the waist will sit well clear of your c-section. The Scoop Neck Rib Tank compliments the matching shorts and features our new chic side button feeding access. Look good, feel good and nurse easily.


The nursing essentials

If you do or don’t plan on breastfeeding, we recommend planning for when your milk comes in. Consider packing breast-feeding friendly pieces and items that offer enough stretch for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Product Recommendation:
Kiah Romper (Chocolate) - With an invisible zip down part of the centre, it’s perfect for quick and discreet breastfeeding access or if you simply like to show a little more neckline. Simply slip on and enjoy those newborn cuddles (your babe will enjoy nestling into the soft fabric too).


Accessories to note

Below are some additional ‘must not forget’ accessories to accompany your clothes in your hospital bag:

  • Drink Bottle
  • Lip Balm
  • Baby nappies and wipes
  • Adult diapers, maternity pads and nursing pads for your bra Breast pump
  • Essential Toiletries
  • Chargers
  • Comfortable and high waisted underwear
  • Clothing and swaddles for your newborn


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