Celebrating Mother's Day with Oceana Hegyi


In celebration of Mother's Day and the incredible strength, resilience and grace of all mothers we sat down with L/H muse, Oceana Hegyi (IG: @oceanastrachan). A doting mama to Levi with her second on the way, Oceana shares her reflections and moving insights on motherhood.


Oceana enjoys a slow Sunday snuggling with Levi in our super soft Waffle PJ Shirt and matching Waffle Joggers.


How has Motherhood changed you?
How hasn't it changed me!?  I think when I stepped into the role of a Mother, I really reflected on my core values and beliefs and what version of myself I wanted to be while raising kids. I was 26 when I had my first son and prior to that I had been in the modelling industry for 10 years, so it was a big lifestyle shift. But I feel that because I am naturally introverted, I was happy to have that downtime and soak it all in during the newborn season and really reflect on this lifestyle. Upon reflection, I transitioned quite well.


Tell us about your perfect Mother's Day.
This year will be my second Mother's Day but my last just as 'Levi's Mum', so I definitely want to be soaking up plenty of cuddles and having some quality tome together as a family of three. I'm a big foodie so there has to be a good meal involved!
Oceana enjoy some cuddles in our Hayman Rib Jumpsuit


What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?
When you become a Mum you basically become a superhero. I have the ability to do some much more than I could fathom prior to motherhood. And of course the unconditional love that comes with it. Sometimes it’s too much for my pregnancy hormones to cope with but I am just so in love with my life as a Mum to my son so far and I know there is so much more to look forward too as they grow. 


What’s your favourite memory of your Mum?
It’s a more recent memory, seeing her become a Nana and really light up in that role. Whilst I feel like I have a different style of parenting to how I was raised, there are still similarities and I absolutely love how her adventurous outdoor spirit shines through.


What’s one thing you’d like to teach your children?
There are no silly questions, you will never stop learning, growing and evolving. Your values will change and that’s okay as long as you stay true to what you believe in.


 Channelling her own mother's adventurous outdoor spirit, Oceana enjoys play time with Levi in the Textured Bell Sleeve Dress (Ivory) styled with the Denim Shirt (Sandstone) casually tied around her waist. 


How would you describe how you feel right now?
In love with life. 


How would you describe your maternity style?
Comfort over anything! I did a big wardrobe cull when I fell pregnant, and vacuum sealed all my non-bump friendly clothing items. I’m totally a neutral tone girly, I love knowing that I can pick up almost anything in my wardrobe and it will look decent while I’m rushing out the door with a toddler. 


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other pregnant mamas?
Listen to your body. As an active person I really struggle to slow down and in my first pregnancy I didn’t really have to but my second has been a completely different experience and my body is yelling at me to take it easy.



What’s your favourite LÉGOE Heritage look?
Currently in this weird transeasonal weather I'm loving the Textured Bell Sleeve Dress. I just think it’s the perfect layering piece and it sits so cute with a 2nd/3rd trimester bump! 


What’s the one must-have LÉGOE Heritage item that you would gift to a pregnant friend?
My very first Légoe piece was the matching Knit Tank and Knit Pants in Off White – it’s been such and a great staple and like all Légoe pieces, will carry on through pregnancy-postpartum-and beyond as the perfect go-to set. 


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