Five Tips to Master the Art of Layering

We’ve distilled the art of layering down to five key approaches that are easy to adapt, helping you navigate the winter season in style. Layering not only keeps you cosy but also helps you maximise your maternity wardrobe and craft endless chic looks.

1. Play With Texture
Experimenting with different textures can elevate your outfit. Mix jersey with denim, ribbed knit with cotton, or satin with cable knit to add dimension and interest. This creates nuanced layers, making even a monochromatic look like all-black rich and dynamic
@oceanstrachan wears the Satin Slip Dress (Ink) with the Savoir Coat (Black)
2. Knit On Knit
Try mixing different knitwear pieces this season. Experiment with pairing a zip cardigan over a sleek knit dress. Let the dress peek through the sleeves or zipper for added depth and texture to your ensemble.
@mariannaglance wears the Resort Dress (Rose) with the Carmela Jumper/Cardigan (Cornflower)
3. Elevate with Accent Hues
This season, embrace the artful use of accent colours such as buttercream and cornflower blue. Layer these refreshing sorbet hues with shades of grey and cream to effortlessly craft a modern, Scandinavian-inspired silhouette.
@noitsmarie wears the Soft Cap Sleeve Dress (Buttercream) which is the perfect base to style back with knits and outerwear in crisp whites or a neutral palette.  
4. Jumper As An Accessory
Few things exude quiet luxury like a knit elegantly draped over the shoulders. Whether paired with a crisp shirt, worn casually over activewear for brunch, or layered atop outerwear, it effortlessly elevates any ensemble.
5. Play Safe With Neutrals
Achieving effortless layering is simplified by sticking to a neutral colour palette or opting for an all-tonal look. This approach streamlines mixing and matching different pieces while ensuring a timeless and versatile appearance.

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