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Perfect Pairings

Perfect pairings, at a discount #yesplease


Add to cart your preferred size in your 'Perfect Pairing' combo and the 20% off the second item will be automatically applied at checkout.

If a pop up appears when you add your first item to cart, you can quickly add the other item that way. Just make sure you select the right size before adding to cart!

Pairing #1 - Zip Collar Crop (BLK) & Sports Leggings (BLK)

Pairing #2 - Rancho Nursing Jumper (WH) & Lounge Pants (WN)

Pairing #3 - Valance Tee (Blush) & Downtown Skirt (W/B)

Pairing #4 - Valance Tee (White) & Gigi Denims (Blue Denim) 

Please note:

* You must add BOTH items in each 'Perfect Pairing' combo to cart for the discount to be applied.

* Our perfect pairings are available for a limited time only. Check back in frequently to see new ones added!

* Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount code. If part of a perfect pairing are returned, the full price will be charged for the kept item

*Items cannot be exchanged for alternate colours in the same style.