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Maternity top and shorts, woman standing next to fence on beach
Maternity dress blue, woman walking on boards outside
It was on our honeymoon to New York and then Tulum, Mexico where LEGOE. fully came to fruition. The inspiration from our stay in Tulum was beyond words, a truly magical place that set the pace for our ultimate lifestyle label. It was such a dream to then have a few of our pieces from our SS1617 Collection shot there with the amazing team from The Wild Girls...take me back to Tulum now!
Our top 3 favourite hangs in Tulum:
1. Activity - Mayan Ruins, Tulum. The walk through the ruins was really hot, especially being 22 weeks pregnant. But once you get to the cliffs edge, the views of the bluest water was insane. You will never see bluer water. A very special spot with Hugo in my tummy.
2. Stays - The Beach, Tulum. An eco-friendly boutique hotel where every room has ocean front views. Go to sleep & wake up to the sound of the waves crashing. OMG also the drink on arrival, such a small thing but I became obsessed with their mint lemonade #preggocravings
3. Endulge - Massage on the beach. Getting a massage on the beach whilst listening to the ocean is pretty much one of my favourite things in life. This was no exception in Tulum, where we had a couples massage (I know, so romantic right?). Romance was ruined when I accidentally paid them 10 times the amount...old baby brain got confused with the currency #husbandnothappy
Photographer - Amberly Valentine
Muse - Madeline Relph
Location - Tulum, Mexico.